Steering Group surveys New Zealand IPv6 readiness

In July and August 2009, the New Zealand IPv6 Steering Group conducted a survey of New Zealand’s top 100 CIOs to gauge their organisation’s IPv6 readiness. The response rate was 37 percent.

Encouragingly, more than half of respondents said they were at least adequately informed about IPv6, and 70 percent were aware that all IPv4 addresses would be allocated by 2012.

Many organisations however had no plans to IPv6-enable their customer facing services, and for those that did the transition would mostly begin two years hence.

The survey suggested that the majority of networks support IPv6 or are upgradeable, but for most respondents IPv6 was not a factor in their purchasing decisions.

There was some good news coming from the survey in terms of the support available internally and from contractors, with 43 per cent having access to in-house support and 49 percent to outsourced.

The survey highlights are available at the following link (PowerPoint file):
2009 New Zealand IPv6 Readiness Survey

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