Tauranga City Council enables IPv6

IPv6 has been enabled on 15 websites hosted at Tauranga City Council (TCC). The Council uses FX Networks to connect to the Internet, which provides connectivity to native IPV6. In addition to the IPV6 enablement of its web-facing services, changes to equipment on the Council’s internal LAN are being made to enable IPV6.

Old switches nearing the end of their life are being replaced with equipment from Extreme Networks offering full support for IPV6. Some internal networks across the organisation have been enabled for IPv6. Dual-stack technology is being used to enable both IPV4 and IPV6 use.

A number of internal servers and client devices are now communicating via IPv6 in preference to IPv4.  TCC has also setup a teredo relay and 6to4 relay to ensure users using these two transition technologies are well served when accessing TCC IPV6 addresses. A fully deployed IPv6 solution is expected to be complete, across all TCC networks, by Feb 2012.



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  1. Muhammad Asif 15. Oct, 2011 at 5:42 am #

    I had visited Tauranga in last August, and other NZ remote area and a deep research on UFB ( Ultra Fast Broadband) requirement in all the country. As all establish countries already roll out their FTTH ( Fiber to the home) projects to provide ultra fast connectivity and triple play services on one connection.
    i also heard that Tauranga city council has started to provide internet connectivity on fiber in some business hubs.

    If you guys are interested to roll out these projects to make Tauranga town a true technology city, i can help for business case and technical layout.
    I believe this project shall help Taurangs city top of the towns in NZ and these kind of projects makes revenue for council, which shall help to make Tauranga more advance and generate revenue for better projects for Tauranga citizens.
    Either to putting fiber cable all around city, its better to install fiber nodes on LTE. which makes sense and can save heavy investment and timely ROI ( Return of investment)
    Hopefully my next visit shall be in end of November this year. Do reply me will meet your IT guys.
    Further i am not offering any product, just help you out, you can use my rich experiance in these kind of projects.

    Best Regards

  2. Shirley 18. Aug, 2014 at 5:59 pm #

    I have been told that Tauranga City Council have since totally removed all IPV6 from both their internal and external networks, with their ICT manager quoting IPV6 security vulnerabilities.
    I am not aware of any such vulnerabilities but maybe Tauranga City Council could comment on this.

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