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Cisco Systems

Cisco supports IPv6 adoption

Cisco has been involved in developing standards and products for IPv6 since its inception more than a decade ago, and have provided products & services to a wide range of New Zealand customers, across all market segments, to assist with their IPv6 adoption strategies.

Juniper kit supports IPv6

Juniper Networks has phased in support for IPv6 in it’s products since 2000.  Today Juniper offers networking and security products that support the deployment of IPv6 networks by both enterprises and service providers.  These are in use in networks in New Zealand including KAREN and several service provider environments.

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Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis hardware supports IPv6

Allied Telesis New Zealand delivers IP/Ethernet network solutions, creating standards-based IP networks that connect voice, video and data services. Allied Telesis has been supporting IPv6 in its switches and routers since 1999. Its products are IPv6 Ready phase 2 certified and the company continues to advance its IPv6 solution, ensuring it meets the growing demand for next generation networking.

Openwrt supports IPv6 is an opensource project designed to add third party capability to existing consumer and vendor equipment. Openwrt provides additional capability including IPv6 support to a large number of devices on the market.

C-COR Address Commander eases transition to IPv6

C-COR Broadband Australia (Wellington office) offers an IPv6-enabled IP Address Management (IPAM) solution called Address Commander, which manages the allocation and assignment of IP nodes and subnets and tracks IP space with regional offices and business units or customers. It also automates reporting for internal audit or reconciliation with Regional Internet Registries (RIR).
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